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I have recently been coaching a couple of people whose issues include being more mindful – that is, being able to destress and unclutter their minds and find a way of “switching off” and relaxing.


This has prompted me to share the resources that I usually offer people who want to explore this area:

There are some great resources on Mindfulness at Work here, including a video that the “guru” did for Google.

A really good book is

The seminal text is this one by Jon Kabat Zinn, who developed a lot of this stuff, and who is featured in the video in the link above.

Finally, lots of people find the Headspace app really useful.

I also love this (excuse the “rude” word!)


I’d love to know which of these resources appeals to you, and how you got on!

The best business books for your Christmas stocking

Christmas stocking

I have just suggested some reading to an advertising executive that I am coaching. It made me to think about the business books I’d most recommend for anyone wanting to become a better business leader. One of the advantages of writing your own book (Space: how small leaders become big leaders which you can read about here) is that it forces you to read a lot. In the last year I’ve come across 3 books that really stand out. Buy them for yourself, or as an inspiring present for someone else. So, here, in no particular order, are my top 3 business books for you to consider adding to your Christmas stocking:


Buy here


Buy here

Good to Great

Buy here

Let me know what you think of these or suggest your own favourites via twitter @derekdraper

Five Years Ago This Week – Remember Jade?

Occasionally on this blog I shall delve back into history and take another look at something interesting I was involved with in years gone by. I’ve chosen the first one pretty much at random, although I wanted to start with something moving and I think you’ll find this is. It’s an interview I did with Jade Goody for Now Magazine just a few months before she discovered she had what would turn out to be terminal cervical cancer. I think its worth re-reading not just because Jade became such a prominent – indeed archetypal – early 21st Century celebrity but because it illustrates something that is very true in all of the therapy work I do today – that what happens to us as children can have a huge impact on our happiness as adults. Here’s the full interview that I wrote up. RIP Jade.

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